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My specialty: Small Group Tours

I am Italian native and i love my country. It is the 5th most visited country in the world. Its rich art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture, it’s beautiful coastlines and beaches, mountains, and priceless monuments, especially those from the Greek, and Roman civilizations attract about 43.2 million tourists a year.

To me the best thing about driving is that every day is different as you meet and talk to so many people.

I find that having a positive attitude and being friendly and helpful towards my passengers, I seldom experience any problems. I graduated in Business administration at the university of Florence. I am 45 years old, married and have been driving for almost 15 years. I enjoy my work and get a lot of job satisfaction from it.

I used to work as accountant for five years with an Italian insurance company in Florence. I did not like it too much. It was too boring and monotonous 🙂

After being employed as a driver for approximately 2 years, I decided to lease a car. I then had the opportunity to purchase my own car. There was no hesitation in doing so as I could see the value in many ways ‐ running my own small business, being my own boss, and flexible working hours to name a few. I love driving and get to meet a lot great people, locals and tourists.

By greeting all of my customers as they enter my car, it makes them feel comfortable. We have some very interesting conversations and I learn a lot about their interests. I love to show and tell visitors about our wonderful country. I chat to the tourists about anything that suits them, the weather, football, history, etc.

I love being a driver. I have been involved in the chauffeured industry in a range of capacities. These include driving, working in the Company Call Centre as a despatch operator, training new drivers: then finally operating and managing my own car.

Although the hours can be long, I still enjoy driving after all these years because of the people I meet, the driving, the flexibility of my working hours and the money too! We are here to facilitate each aspect of your Italian adventure. We have thousands of satisfied clients who have experienced a once-in-a-lifetime Florence or Italy tour or excursion served by us.

From your Tuscan holiday to your tour anywhere in Italy, “I Just Drive!” in Italy is all you need for courteous, reliable and professional tour services.”I Just Drive! warmly welcomes you in Italy and offers its promising services to take utmost care of your travelling needs and demands.

With us you will experience seeing Italy with native Italians, just like a native Italian. With our experienced, professional and friendly English speaking staff,we will take great care of each aspect of your trip/excursion ensuring that you return at home with wonderful and everlasting memories.



My specialty: Private Tours

I drive because I am inspired by what I see and because I like being surrounded by people. Driving a car to me is an internal journey just as much as it is a mean of reaching a physical destination. Italy has some of the most amazing sceneries to offer with small-street villages and rolling hills. I love my country and i like watching every part of its landscape.

I also love its wines, olive oils and grappas: and i like learning every aspect connected to their production and sharing knowledge about them. Finding out which are the best vineyards and which are the best vintages. Looking at the different choices of planting, harvesting, aging and then tasting the different results.

Therefore the Chianti region, close to Florence, where I live, is the perfect place to travel to and to know, day by day, like the palm of my hand.
When I am not driving or touring people around I study new ideas and prepare new packages to entertain my customers in their trip to Italy.

I’m not a workaholic though, I have never worked actually. “Do what you love,” it is said in fact, “and you won’t work a single day in your life”.

In my free time I workout and I listen to music. A lot of music. Mostly i prepare music selections which go together well for my trips: whether i am on a rush or i just want to enjoy the view i always have some background music which is perfect for the moment.

Join me in one of my tours of the Chianti region or just choose me for your next transfer from/to Florence. The experience you’ll have will be beyond any concept of comfort, fun, or high tech entertainment you ever had :-).

Find out why and how by clicking on the links where i describe some of the services and the car I use.



My specialty: Tours in luxury car

I drive because it is still the best way to enjoy my beautiful country, that is so special in all its landscape. Italy, especially Tuscany, is a wonderful place to visit; so much art (that i love in all its expressions), so many romantic views, historical atmosphere that take you away from the present and let you dream about the past.

I like being surrounded by people, I always did, so being a driver for me is like traveling every day, being in a permanent vacation to share time with people who love my country just like me!

I love all the fruits of my countryside, the Chianti region, our typical food and I used to work for a wine and olive oil company where I used to accompany people showing them wine cellars and all the process of making wine and olive oil. It made me feel good because it’s like caressing my roots.

When I don t drive I love having nice walks with my son and my wife; I love reading and writing, my interest is about art at all.

Join me in all the kind of tours you want to do around Tuscany or Italy, I will be enthusiast to share with you our beauties and to offer comfort, fun and kindness.



My specialty: Giglio Island Tour and Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini Museum and Factory Tour

Life is made of passions.

And I’m a passionate man.

I love getting to know different cultures and share with others our way of savouring and enjoying “The Italian lifestyle”.

I love driving any type of vehicle. I have licenses for cars, vans, boats, airplanes.

Come with me in a marvellous journey in the Ferrari museum or the Lamborghini factory if you prefer. The Pagani cars atelier or the Ducati bikes industry maybe, we’ll have fun!

I love the flavour, the colours and the scent of the sea and its complex and yet so amazing ways.

The Giglio Island is my second home. A suggestive, intriguing and fascinating island. Blue sea, breathtaking cliffs, uncontaminated waters, a Medieval castle at the top of the hill and a small sea port.

The tour of this island was born just like this, to let everyone know about this forgotten by time, yet beautiful little world, which is not yet know by international circuits.